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Q: What is Geek-Assist all about? is an online computer support company for home users and SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses).

We help you with most of your General computing problems that you face in your everyday life.
Our motive is to make your digital life easy and painless.

We believe that with the cost computers falling everyday, why should the technical support be any different?
So we bring you the most affordable technical expertise with no complicated contracts, no advance fees, and unlimited flexibility.

Q: So how does this work?
As mentioned earlier we are an "online tech support" company, which means we work remotely on your computer. Just call us, we will temporarily establish a secure connection to your PC and get the job done within minutes.

Q: What Do I need, to Avail your services?
The computer that needs to be fixed needs to be connected to the internet.

Q:What kind of hardware/software do you support?
We support everything from Dinosaurs to shiny boxes.
Check the "We Support" link on the main menu to get the complete list.

Q: What about the billing? Do you store my Credit Card information like everyone else does?
No, we do not store your credit cards, We simply Redirect you to PayPal, the worlds most trusted payment gateway
You can Either use your existing PayPal account, or use your credit card at the PayPal Website.

Q:what if there a problem that you cannot solve.
In an unlikely event, Despite our best efforts, If we are unable to resolve your issue,We simply give you a Full refund!