Windows XP Tech Support

Windows XP Tech Support

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When Windows XP was released in 2001, it was heralded for its increased performance, improved hardware support, intuitive user interface, and expanded multimedia capabilities. Over the last 12 years, more than one billion copies of XP have been installed and used in computers across the world.

While Windows XP remained more popular than several subsequent versions of Windows (such as Windows Vista), Microsoft stopped its support of XP on April 8, 2014. This decision means that XP is no longer receiving security updates and Microsoft no longer provides free support information.

We Can Help Keep Your XP Running

The biggest concern with the end of XP support is that the operating system will be more vulnerable to new malware and security threats. Few who use XP to store their information and run their programs run the risk of infestation and hackers – not to mention that new devices and program updates might not be compatible with Windows XP. Our technicians wants to help reduce your anxiety over this change and is dedicated to help you keep your XP running as long as you need it.

Along with our proactive programs, Our technicians are committed to helping you solve your everyday XP problems. From computer crashes to slow programs, we can help extend the life of your XP systems. When the time comes, we are also available to help you upgrade.

Geek Assist provides instant fixes to all your Windows Xp problems, our technicians have hands on training with Windows XP. We can help you install, repair or recover your windows Xp. Our Certified tech support services spans from optimization and maintenance to start-up errors, disk partitioning, power management, and registry errors. We will also check your Windows Xp for any incompatible software and replace them with the compatible ones.

Just give us the green light to establish a secure connection via the Internet and our expert technicians will help you get started with your Windows XP operating system.

Our Windows XP Tech Support Service Includes

    • microsoft tech support
    • e-mail support
    • troubleshoot VGA card problems
    • troubleshoot sound card problems
    • troubleshoot computer networks
    • secure web browsing support
    • fix blue screen errors
    • Malware and virus removal
    • hard drive backup & recovery
    • proper disk partitioning
    • disk defragmentation
    • PC optimisation service
    • fix registry errors
    • troubleshoot VGA card problems
    • troubleshoot sound card problems
    • And any other services based on your request

Your privacy is ensured. Your personal details will always be private and confidential.

Scope of Service

Geek-Assist Windows XP tech support includes:

  • Complete system diagnosis and error resolution
  • Installation and customization via third party software
  • Securing your Windows Xp installation
  • Setting up system backup and recovery.
  • Assistance with PC Networking issues

Call Geek Assist and we will help you customize your Windows XP installation and resolve any conflicts and compatibility issues that you may experience.