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Networking Support

Having Networking issues? Can’t connect to the internet or your wireless printer? Call us for the most affordable Networking Support.

Call Geek Assist and get your issues solved, We provide phone support for majority of Networking issues like internet explorer tech problems, file sharing between two computers over your network, or even we help you with configuring your wireless printer.we provide printer tech support so that you can seamlessly print from all your computers in the network.

With Geek Assist, it’s easy–all your technology support is only one call away.

If you have at least two computers or devices that are connected in order to communicate, share files, or use common resources, then your small business has a network. Common devices on your network include desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, routers, printers, scanners, and faxes. These devices can be connected through radio waves, satellites, cables, telephone lines, or infrared light beams. For a small business, your network is essential for you to connect with your employees, your customers, and your vendors.

Most small businesses use one or several Local Area Networks (LAN). A LAN encompasses a fairly small space, such as an office or building. It can connect through a client/server relationship or peer-to-peer. The type of network controls the function of each device and what information is shared.

Our networking experts can help you setup and customize your home/business network to suit your needs. We also provide support for setting up and troubleshooting wireless routers.

A complete network monitoring service providing 24/7 monitoring so your business can avoid downtime and repairs.

Some common Networking issues are:

– IP Address and Network Card Issues

– Network Related Problems

– Absence of Connectivity

– Slow-moving Connectivity

– Problems Caused by Firewall Status

– Speed Degradation

– Security Issues

– Internet Issues

– Wireless Network issues

Our Networking Support services includes :

– Network Security Testing

– Firewalls

– Virtual Private Networking (VPN)


– Application Switching & Optimization

– Network Management

– Secure Routers


– Wide Area File Services

– Security & VPN

  • Network Management
  • Secure Network Access Switches
  • Secure Routers
  • Security
  •  Switched Firewalls
  • Threat Protection Systems
  • VPN Gateways
  • VPN Routers
  • Wireless Networks
    • WLAN
    • WiMAX

Our service is fully managed with 24/7/365 support, where we constantly monitor the Networking and our service to ensure a rapid and responsive service.

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    I will always recommend the services that geek assist offers to whoever is interested.

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    Excellent Work Geek Assist Tech Support.

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    They’re a trusted service that I would highly recommend.

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