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PC Optimization Service

What is PC Optimization Service?
PC optimization is a service from Geek Assist, that makes your PC much faster, more stable such that it uses the system’s resources optimally. In general terms, PC Optimization is a specialized PC tune-up. Most of our customers use our PC Optimization service once a month, that ensures its stability, speed and reliability. Moreover it saves a lot on your time and maintenance.

The service includes a set of well defined process that include a complete system evaluation, scanning registry, removing unnecessary programs, detecting background programs and services, and customizing your computer’s settings that improve overall performance.

Irate over extremely slow response of your system? If so, then you are just a call away to reap the benefits of online PC optimization support from Geek Assist.

Is your computer slow?
Does it take a Lot of time to start up? Does it stop responding every now and then?

There are many reasons for a computer to become slow.
some of them are:
– We provide windows error fix support.
– Too many programs installed
– Junkware / adware installed – Programs designed specifically to display a lot of ads at the expense of your PC’s resources
– Bad hard disk drive or at near full capacity
– Temporary internet files and browser cache accumulated over a period of time.
– Disk fragmentation

Keeping your system optimized once a month not only ensures its smooth functioning, but also saves you a lot of time ,money and frustration.

PC Optimization includes –

1) Analyzing and evaluating your system resources.
2) A General System Cleanup – Removing unnecessary programs and files.
3) Fixing your hard disk drives for errors.
4) Optimize your hard disk performance.
5) Cleaning up windows registry
6) Software Installation that keep your system clean.
7) Decreasing system startup time

Our scope of services

  • Recommend solutions to improve PC speed
  • Delete temporary files
  • Upgrade applications
  • We provide web browser service to make your internet browser faster.
  • Remove webpage histories and cookies
  • Remove futile encrypted webpages
  • Delete spyware, and aid in shielding your computer from viruses.we provide virus removal services¬†as well


How much time does the PC Optimisaion service take?
– Typically PC optimization takes around 30 to 45 minutes but can take longer depending on number of files you have

Will this involve deleting my files?
– No, your personal files will not be affected. In a rare case where your PC is slow due to a near full capacity hard drive,
we will ask you to move some large files on an external drive.

Will I have to pay anything extra for the cleanup software?
– No. All of the cleanup software we use is free of any additional cost

What kind of improvement can I expect from this service?
– It depends on several factors varying across different computers, but we always try to identify the root cause
and fix it. A PC optimization does have a visible improvement on the boot time, as well as on browsing speed.

15 reviews for PC Optimization Service

  1. Kate Lord

    You does a wonderful job every time we need them to solve our problem of the day!

  2. Bruno Luis

    The service from Geek Assist was extremely pleasant and professional.

  3. Cavell Rufus

    Geek Assist has been great at keeping my computer up to date and clean.

  4. Tony David

    I have had very good experiences with Geek Assist and have recommended your service to my family and friends. Thanks!

  5. Aldrin Ivo

    I love that I can call you anytime I have any issues or questions.

  6. Amir Robert

    Are you looking for a reputable tech service for your pc problem? Look no further, check out this 5 star reviewed company, Geek Assist.

  7. Stephen

    I have used Geek Assist for a variety of both personal and business IT needs, including computer repair, and advanced networking, and could not be more pleased with their support and performance.

  8. Angie Wetterich

    Quick, friendly, knowledgeable service!!! Very pleased each time I use Geek Assist!!!

  9. Janis Rohman

    Geek Assist tech support will take care of you! If you have computer problems, call them up! They have remotely fixed my computer many times.

  10. Mike Guzman

    I am pleased that i now have your service to take care of my pc and will recommend you to my friends. Thanks again.”

  11. Rick

    Excellent, friendly service always! I have referred all my friends there and they’ve all been as satisfied as I have been.Geek Assist is the best place to go for your computer, technical needs!

  12. Jeff Johnson

    Contacted several times and we have always had amazing service. Highly recommended!

  13. Paul

    Great response time! They fixed my problem quickly and very reasonable rates. I would definitely use them again.

  14. David Herry

    I would like to thank Geek Assist for the exceptional job they did in resolving my computer issues.

  15. Alphonse Martin

    They have always been there quickly to help me with any question or setup issue I may be having.

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