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Software Consultation

Need a Software Consultation for something? not sure what software would help you achieve your goals?

Contact us, and we will help you solve your problems . Our Technicians can help you search, download and install a software that will fulfill your requirements, we constantly update ourselves with the latest software knowledge so you don’t need to.

We offers complete Software Consultation support for micro & small businesses.

Every business is different. Some use proprietary software; others use popular software to manage their day-to-day tasks. The efficiency of your software will, in many ways, determine the efficiency of your company. Having computer software that is reliable, accessible, and efficient is crucial to a high performing business.

Software is the secret to your computer’s functionality. It includes all the different programs that perform specific tasks. Without software, computers and devices are just pretty objects sitting on your desk or in your hand.

Some of the most common types of software include operating systems, Internet browsers where we also provide web browser tech support, word processors, anti-virus programs(virus removal support), email clients. Software can be purchased with your computer, as a separate program, or downloaded from the Internet. Once purchased, it is important to ensure software is correctly installed, maintained, and updated.

Software Consultation plan is best suited for those who have a specific goal in mind, but don’t know exactly what kind of software will suite their needs.

1) Downloading and Installation of software
2) Configuration of basic settings.

Competitive businesses are always looking for the best software in their industry. Our Technicians talk to business owners from many different fields, working with a wide variety of software in the process. As a Geek Assist member, you receive access to our team of tech experts who can suggest the software that can give your business an edge.We’ve got insight on the software that can change your business for the better.

Once you have picked the right software, We offers complete support. We’ll help install your new software and advise you on how to best use its functions.Our trusted Technicians are just one call away any time your software acts up. Through our remote-access technology, we quickly identify and solve bothersome bugs and hassling hang-ups.

The best part about all-in-one support is that you no longer have to call a different phone line for each piece of software. Geek Assist provides comprehensive, inclusive tech support for a wide array of software, programs, and applications.

Most common issues are:

– Abnormal Applications Behavior

– Applications Run Slowly

– Applications That Won’t Install

– Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

– Inadequate software performance

– Obsolete software – Software that no longer works due to new hardware or support software changes

Inconsistent processing

– Unreliable results or performance

– Inadequate security controls

– Difficult to maintain and understand

Our software consultation service also includes:

  • Offering software solutions to clients
  • Recommending software developments and implementations
  • Developing required system changes
  • Collaborating with software professionals to create software solutions
  • Testing solutions to make sure they meet customer requirements

Contact Geek Assist and we can help you accomplish that task swiftly.

4 reviews for Software Consultation

  1. Peter Brian

    I am very satisfied with the help given.

  2. Nick Johnnie

    They have always have a solution for whatever my problem is.

  3. Oliver Francis

    Highly Recommended!

  4. Paul James

    Thank you for the excellent response to my problems and the solution provided.

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