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Microsoft Windows Installation Service

You should choose the Windows Installation Service plan in following cases:

1) Windows does not boot up, shows you error messages.

2) Your system often crashes with blue screens.

All the above mentioned issues indicate that critical windows system files have been corrupted or missing. This could happen due to many issues, often due to virus issues or installing rouge programs

Contact us and we will help you retrieve all your data and reinstall the Windows operating system.

We can also help you perform a clean installation of Windows operating system using recovery discs. Our certified technicians can customize the installation as per your needs.

Scope of Service

Our Service Windows installation includes:

1) Formatting your hard drives (if required for a clean install)
2) Installing Microsoft Windows operating system.
3) Installing system drivers for your audio, graphics and computer networking.

You will need the installation or recovery discs that was included with your computer at the time of purchase.

Our technicians will patiently guide you over the phone to help you get your computer up and running.

Microsoft Windows Technical Support

Microsoft Windows operating system, today’s most used operating system has become the backbone of your computer systems, whether it is email, working on a spreadsheet, or even watching movies requires you to maintain the windows operating system to avoid errors and other administrative overhead.

At Geek Assist, you can avail unmatched online computer support services to protect your Microsoft Windows Operating System against any errors and malicious programs like spyware and viruses. Geek-Assist tech experts can provide you with instant help in resolving any software support issues – from very basic tasks to critical security issues round-the-clock.

Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 10

Optimizing your computer’s settings by making it run faster.Our Support is Provided for:

Geek Assist,IT help desk for Microsoft Windows offers software support for all types of Computers – desktops, servers, and laptops. Here you can avail online tech support for over a 100 softwares.

10 reviews for Windows Installation Service

  1. Henry Christopher

    I am always happy with your support.

  2. Chauser James

    I am extremely satisfied with the service your company provides.

  3. Cao Pablo

    I am very pleased with the assistance which I have gotten presently and in the past.

  4. Buzan Kirk

    The people at the Geek Assist tech support were very helpful.

  5. Jean Curle

    It’s amazing that you have diagnosed and repaired so quickly. Thanks for your help.

  6. Dave Kimmell

    Thank you for the excellent response to my problems and the solution provided.

  7. Castro Tucker

    Great help and i am pleased.

  8. Billy Mason

    you did an amazing job.

  9. David James

    Very helpful! Highly Recommended

  10. Noel Francis

    Excellent experience with the company

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